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About us

In today’s modern world, partnerships and collaboration is no longer a luxury. As a matter of fact, it is a survival strategy. Nothing accelerates performance like working together as peers; it provides inspiration, harmonizes efforts and increases volumes of value not to mention boosting the business ecosystem. 


Trainers, Coaches  and  Consultants membership is made up of outstanding professionals drawn from different sectors with a common vision and mandate. Together they bring different, unique but relevant value to the Consortium.  These are advocates of Innovation and Accelerated Development.

Professional Peer groups provide perspective outside of the individual’s Skills and Experience. Join TCC gain more Perspectives.


AT TCC we organize and provide cutting edge hands on workshop. Ac cross different  Sectors. As well for as customized models for organizations and brands.  You can reach out to us for in house training and fill the form for updates concerning our open trainings and  workshops

Business Support

TCC also provides  business support services to entrepreneurs & busy professionals to enable them save cost, beat deadlines . You can get this support collectively as a body or from individual members. Our value cover a wide variety of Sectors.



Was really worth coming. Was enlightening and empowering generally. Awesome speakers. Kept to time always and your water was refreshing.
Josiah Allanbazam
Online digital consultant.

Learning Support

With the right materials, books, videos and audio. Learning can truly be fun. To this effect we have listed learning materials  by our members as well as links to trusted platforms that promises to accelerate learning and scale performance. 


Connecting with the Trainers, Coaches and Consultants Consortium provides great opportunities and leverage. The vista are limitless. For instance you can join your peers, book resource persons for Speaking or Training engagement. Engage members for consultancy and even project management.


An incisive 3 days of Entrepreneurship and Leadership, etc. The training is worth our while in learning to improve our respective businesses.
Idris Joseph Nubuya
Chamber of Commerce.
The seminar was eye- opening. I never knew we have disruptors of this standard in Jos. God bless you and I hope to work with you all.
Ojo Favour

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TCC is the future of Human Capital in Africa