Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Victor Prince Dickson is the lead proponent of the Knowledge Economy and Organic Intelligence from Nigeria. He is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of Micro-Reality Thinking Academy.  Executive Director El-spice Media Limited. Author: Thinking Field and Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. A Publisher, Scriptwriter, Film Director and Television Producer.  Victor is a consummate Teacher and Thinker. 

Alice Jumoke Laka-Fashakin professionally trained in Dramatic Arts from the Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She is a producer, director, content creator with her production outfit Total Stage2screen Center which is a Media consulting, Production and Training outfit.  Alice is a Trainer, Business /Edu consultant, human capacity builder. Alice is lover of God, Programs Director – Sure Success Consultancy, Convener – 360degree woman.

We are a Management Consultancy firm into Strategic Business Positioning, training, coaching and human capital development especially for the 21st Century Business Outlook. Our areas of basic competence are Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis. Our website is . A click on the website will take you to our social media platforms and our eBooks

Olumide Abisoye Olowokure holds a doctorate degree in Accounting. He is an alumnus of Nigerian Defence Academy, University of Jos and University of Maiduguri. He is a chartered accountant who presently works as a zonal Compliance Head in a bank in Nigeria, an entrepreneur, a researcher, and a business consultant.


Cawike Chibuzo is the Initiator and Dean of Jos Entrepreneurship Academy (JENAC). He worked for 10 years as a Training Development/Public Relations Officer for the Industrial Training Fund (ITF). He has facilitated at various Local and International Seminars and Workshops. He has a Diploma in proofreading from the Cleland Thom Journalism Training Institute, London.

Our Organization is committed to the development and maintenance of health through various programs for sustainable healthy living. We are a team of experts, driven by passion for excellence in the design of healthcare programs and business education programs that will help people achieve total well-being.


Economist, Urban & Regional Planner, Business Development/Management Expert, Chartered Mediator and Conciliator. * CEO, Partnership Imperatives: A Printing/Publishing, Management/Marketing Consultancy Firm. * Founder/CEO, Jos Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture (JOCCIMA). *Author, Achievers’ (Who’s Who) in Plateau State, Nigeria; 1st & 2nd Editions. * Member, Institute of Industrialists & Corporate Administrators (IICA) Nigeria.

He is a wealth creation strategist, entrepreneur,  author, speaker and  coach. He is the visionary leader of  of Super Learning International. The leading authority in the field of wealth creation, wealth accumulation and Potential effectiveness.   He books include: Waste to Wealth, Ideas to Wealth,  Rulers of Ideas,  Born to be Rich, Master the Power of Money,  Secrets of Wealth Creation and many more which are available on website, draft2digital and website.

Edwin Paul is a  music Producer, Artist, Sound Engineer and blogger. He is the CEO of Zonehouse. According to Edwin, It is no more news today that the Media is the highest point of influence and the average man today is shaped daily by what the media produces. Zonehouse is here to provide a great wide reach out to the world of media.


Nancy Oblete is a marriage and relationship coach, a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, an entrepreneur, a public speaker and teacher who believes that the approach to family/marriage therapy should be holistic taking into account financial growth and education, behavioural and addiction challenges, parenting, in addition to the couple’s relationship to assist couples have and maintain as stable and happy home.

Mr. Antony Musa Garba FCNA, f.cihcd, f.cidss, mnim is a Member, Board of Trustees and the Director, Membership Services, Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria. He is a Lecturer with the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos; Head, Admin/Accts, Pavlick Constructions Limited, Jos; Human Resource Consultant, Varlaine Park, Jos; and MD/CEO, AMG Multi-Business and Services Limited, Jos and member of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria.

Abigail Omoefe Ajayi (Abigail Omoefe Ayuya) is the C.E.O and lead consultants at Class Mate Nigerian limited. She is a consummate Educator with decades of experience in School Management, School Development, Curriculum Design and Development. Her vision for learning in particular and Education in general enables her uncompromising stands and constant call for efficiency and proficiency though out the entire value chain of Educational Services. .